COVID-19 has taken its toll on the world, causing deaths, illness, economic crisis and extreme poverty. But how has this pandemic impacted Thunder Bay?

Prior to COVID-19, Thunder Bay was already struggling to tackle #UNIGNORABLE issues of poverty including unemployment, homelessness, hunger, domestic violence, social isolation, mental health and education inequality.

With the COVID-19 crisis ongoing, knowing exactly how much issues of poverty have increased is challenging. Yet, what we do know for certain is that thousands more low and middle-income people are suffering consequences of poverty in Thunder Bay than ever before.

The United Way of Thunder Bay RECOVER 2020 campaign is focused on supporting the immediate needs of local people and families. It’s about neighbours helping neighbours and community supporting community.

Thunder Bay cannot do this alone;
we must recover together as a community.

In 2020, Thunder Bay organizations and service providers need extra help to deliver more essential programs and services to even more people. The recovery from COVID-19 will require unprecedented levels of community programming, services, resources, coordination and collaboration. The United Way of Thunder Bay is committed to supporting local partners to adapt to these changing needs and increase their capacity to best support Thunder Bay’s recovery for the long-term.

As workplaces, businesses and communities slowly reopen, we urge you to consider those who need an extra helping hand to recover. For many, life and work may never be the same again. For others, life struggles to access basic needs have now worsened to levels they never imagined possible.

By supporting the recovery process, you are helping critical efforts to get Thunder Bay back on its feet.


This year’s United Way of Thunder Bay RECOVER 2020 campaign is about getting our community back on its feet.

All proceeds will provide local people with essential food, clothing, hygiene, shelter, counselling and pathways to employment.

Together we can help our community recover

If you’re able, please give generously today.