Are you looking for an exciting way to support your local businesses and give back to community in a unique way? GenNext’s new event series – Take Home TBay – is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved and show your #LocalLove for community!

The GenNext Take Home TBay campaign will feature a variety of partnerships with various local businesses throughout 2021 to offer a product or experience that will engage and support our local community. Take Home TBay aims to support local businesses while simultaneously making an impact for a better tomorrow with a portion of all proceeds being donated back to the community through the United Way.

These experiences will happen every other month, and will range from a fun family/couple’s paint night where you can showcase your creativity with loved ones, a home cooking kit to prepare a delicious home cooked meal, or even a game night kit to bring out some competition and fun amongst players!


May Edition:

We teamed up with 2 amazing partners for this month – The Creative / Creative Kits AND Carte Blanche!!

The Creative / Creative Kitz brought you the first seasonal Gnome Painting Kit for Take Home TBay in February and it was a huge hit!! And NOW, we’re teaming up with them again over the month of May to bring the next seasonal Gnome Kit to you (2 of 4)!

We are excited to partner with The Creative / Creative Kitz to offer you a fun painting experience where you can showcase your artistic skills! Take Home TBay & have fun painting YOUR own Gnome Masterpiece!!

Choose to paint this kit yourself OR do it with family, friends and co-workers! This is a great opportunity to pick up a painting kit, and have a virtual get together to stay connected! This kit also provides something fun to do as a paint night date night or as a family activity. PLUS, we have also teamed up with Carte Blanche to offer you some yummy charcuterie treats – see details below!!

The paint kits come complete with everything you need to paint – anywhere!

Painting Kitz will be available until May 31 for $35.00 & comes with the following…

  • All the Colours you see in Original
  • 12×16 Screen Printed Canvas
  • Quality brush set
  • Paper Plate

STAY TUNED for our future collaborations with The Creative as we will be featuring a Take Home TBay fall AND winter gnome seasonal collection painting kit partnership – coming to you in October and December.

We believe that there is an artist inside of everyone, just waiting to be explored!

1, 2, 3!!


2. PURCHASE YOUR CARTE BLANCHE CHARCUTERIE BOXES HERE  (make sure you select the Take Home TBay Paint Night one)

3. Enjoy Your Gnome Painting Activity, some tasty Carte Blanche treats, AND support community! #ItsAWinWinWin

In partnership with:

By purchasing a Gnome themed painting kit from The Creative / Creative Kitz, $7 from each kit sold will be donated back to United Way of Thunder Bay.

By purchasing your Charcuterie Box from Carte Blanche, $3.5 from every individual box and $7 from every small box will be donated back to United Way of Thunder Bay.

These funds will support the immediate needs of people, children, families and seniors who need your help! 

We know that when you do your Gnome Painting Activity, snacks and yummy treats are a MUST and that’s why we have teamed up with Carte Blanche!! 

Carte Blanche’s meaning and philosophy fits perfectly with what a Paint Night is truly be about. We invite you to pre-order your individual or small charcuterie boxes filled with goodies anytime in May and pick them up on May 27 to enjoy with your paint night evening!! BUY YOUR BOXES HERE! (make sure to select the Take Home TBay Paint Night one) 

Individual Boxes feed 1-2 people and are $18, with $3.5 being donated back to United Way of Thunder Bay.

Small Boxes feed 2-4 people and are $35, with $7 being donated back to United Way of Thunder Bay.

Check out what Carte Blanche is all about below and tell us this isn’t a match made in heaven for a paint night party…

Carte Blanche Meaning: complete freedom to act as one wishes / a clean slate; a fresh page; a blank cheque / write your own story; choose your own path

why carte blanche? we want this to be so much more than a place you have food + drink this is where you savour, slow down, breathe + enjoy. A place you come to meet your best friend, a place you bring your mom for a morning coffee. This is where connection + conversation is priority, where you choose presence + intention, where you have gratitude + reflection. This is where you are reminded that life is as you choose it, that anything is possible, that you are the author of your story. Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference; a worthwhile + familiar pause to enjoy a cup of coffee, a morning spent catching up with a friend, a long hug, a photo to remember a meaningful moment, two deep breaths + a smile.


If you want to give back even more, select the ‘Pay It Forward’ kit option. All ‘Pay It Forward’ painting kits will be donated to United Way partner agencies so that their clients and children in need can also enjoy this fun activity! This month we have selected EVERGREEN A UNITED NEIGHBOURHOOD as the charity of choice!!

PLUS – have DOUBLE the impact as The Creative Kitz will donate 1 EXTRA painting kit for every one that is purchased and donated! So 1 Pay It Forward Purchase = 2 Gnome Painting Kitz for children and youth to enjoy who would maybe not be able to afford them themselves.