Tributes, dares, and high school competition!

The High School Challenge goes back to the roots of United Way of Thunder Bay’s youth programs. In the 2000s high schools competed against each other, the highest earning won a school dance. This year, we’re bringing it back a little differently and 100% virtual.

Superior, Westgate, La Verendrye, and St Ignatius are going head-to-head during the month of May to support the expansion of local in-school programing to children and youth. Youth supporting youth!

How the High School Challenge works: each school has put forward tributes who will complete a dare. What dare they do is determined by how much their school’s fundraising page has raised.

Our dares from lowest fundraising school to the highest are

  • Thunder Bay’s grossest smoothie
  • pie-face
  • ice bucket challenge
  • hot wing challenge

Donations are open May 1-31, 2021. Find the fundraiser page HERE!

Check back regularly to see how they rank and donate to make sure your tributes don’t have to do the grossest dares.

THANK YOU to our High School Challenge Sponsors: