GenNext is excited to announce that we will be hosting a series of 8 workshops called ‘On the Menu: (Topic / Theme) – once a month, May until December!

Join us every 3rd Wednesday of the month as we will be focusing on a different topic and theme for each one! All workshops will feature a variety of keynote speakers – exciting and game-changing professionals in our community who you will want to hear from!

Participate in this 60 minute session, learn and gain new insight on several topics, ask our experts questions you have been wanting the answers to, and feel energized and connected.


Don’t miss out on our July 15 workshop, ‘On the Menu: Fresh & Frugal – Coming Back From COVID’!

We will be doing a FREE Virtual Workshop via Zoom! Hear from our Keynote Speakers, join us in our Q&A period, and learn, learn, learn!

We will send out the zoom login details to all participates the day before the event!

Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Time: 12:00 P.M. – 1:00 P.M.

Price: FREE

Location: Online Via Zoom

Topic/ Theme: Fresh & Frugal – Coming Back From COVID – this workshop will focus on all things related to finances, budgeting, resources, tips and tricks to save money, and more. Money is an essential part of life and something that is required in order to meet essential needs. We recognize and appreciate that for most people, this topic / theme is a touchy subject, but also a very important one. We know that this year has been tough, we know money is a significant factor for many people in our target demographic whether you’re a student, just starting out in your career, buying your first home or starting a family. You are not alone in this together, you are not the only one struggling, and we want to help you get the ‘Fresh & Frugal – Coming Back From COVID’.

Keynote Speakers: 

Kristen Duhaime, Financial Counsellor at Thunder Bay Counselling, will be sharing a professional overview of how to budget in a friendly way and how to bounce back after COVID-19. Learn mindfullness tools to address your finances to remove those overwhelming feelings or anxiety when taking a look at your situation. She will share tips on calculating finances, number crunching, and how to do this.

Meghan Chomut, CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and Investment Property Advisor, will be bringing it back to basics and sharing various tips, tricks, and techniques on how to save money here and there. How do you budget, penny pinch, and stretch the dollar – where do you start and what resources do you use? She will share that there is no reason to feel shame when it comes to finances, where you are is where you are, and that is OK. You are not the only one struggling. If you feel uncomfortable or uncertain with money, why? If you’re looking for ways to reduce debt or increase savings, join us to here her tips and tricks, case studies, experience, and more!

Erin Modin, Certified Community Resource Specialist at Lakehead Social Planning Council / 211 will be focusing and bringing this topic back to the realities of people in our community. They will share stats and figures on how many people in our city struggle with finances and money, the types of call that are being received through the 211 system and what they are about, and more. They’ll share information on their free income tax returns for people living below the poverty line, the advantages of doing income taxes and the disadvantages of not doing them. Hear about key resources on where you can turn for help if needed.