Mini DoC
Does your agency consent to us taking photos and post them online at the site/with their staff/volunteers etc.?
Does your agency hold liability insurance to cover the Day of Caring volunteers?
Does your agency have any volunteer restrictions?
Does your agency have any specific requirements or needed certification for volunteers to access your site?
Is your site accessible? Are there any accessibility challenges/barriers?
Does your project involve a fundraising component?
Day of Caring projects cannot involve any fundraising activities. However, the Day of Caring Committee is willing to see what other volunteer opportunities may exist within your agency that fit within the scope of this

Additional Details

By submitting a project request for the Mini Days of Caring there are additional commitments that we ask each site to make in order for the event to run smoothly:

  • We ask that you commit to picking up materials the Day of Caring Committee collects for your project from the United Way office the week of the event (someone will follow up with you once ready)
  • We ask that each site has a staff member onsite at the project to supervise and help direct the project
  • We ask that each agency commits to providing the Day of Caring Committee with pictures from your site, including before and after pictures if applicable
  • We ask that each agency commit to providing a testimonial/thank you message to the Day of Caring Committee following the event to be used for future promotional needs and as a thank-you to the volunteers
  • We ask that you help promote the Day of Caring and volunteer participation through your social media platforms and network connections