A Community Where All Youth Graduate

This goal is about supporting children and youth to realize their potential through empowerment and education. Many children are not succeeding in school today because of issues such as social disengagement, lack of positive role models, mental health challenges, substance use and violence.

Strategic Priority

Children and youth are connected to positive adults, peers and activities that help them be engaged and involved in their community, be healthy, make good choices and adapt to change.

  • Supports to address family violence, addictions and/ or mental health challenges
  • Children and family counselling programs focused on healthy decision making, coping skills, building self-esteem and resiliency
  • Programs that strengthen positive parenting skills and a supportive family environment
  • Access to positive role models, mentors and leadership development programs
  • Recreation programs that provide a safe and supportive environment where youth can build strong positive peer relationships and develop a sense of belonging.

Outcomes for People:

  • Families are strong and supportive
  • Children and youth live a life free from violence, addictions and mental health challenges
  • Children and youth are ready to learn
  • Children and youth move successfully through elementary and secondary school and access post-secondary education/training.
  • Young people have a positive view on the future and are motivated for life-long learning.