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Building a Safer Community

Evergreen a United Neighbourhood is a funded agency of the United Way of Thunder Bay and working in the Simpson-Ogden neighbourhood since 2007 using a collaborative community based model.  Evergreen operates two locations in the neighbourhood at Minnesota Park and at Evergreens House (the former Hells Angels clubhouse) with various programming supported by the United Way.

One of these funded programs is Building a Safer Community which   addresses health and safety issues and delivers a variety of ways to empower and increase the safety, primarily for women and children in the Simpson /Ogden neighbourhood, and continue to decrease stigma attached to this neighbourhood.


Part of this program is our weekly walking group that has been meeting now for five years!  Weekly, neighbours gather to walk and talk together. We share stories of the area, and often we are joined by area youth. 

One young man in the neighbourhood has been avidly supporting Evergreen’s weekly walks as well as the Jane’s Walk and the Victims of Crime Walk that we cohosted this year. His knowledge of the community’s current and past history is enjoyed by our group each time he joins us.

When staff are unavailable to support the walk he is quite happy to take the lead for that evening.  He has noticed how many area children and youth now him by name and greet him on his daily activities.  He believes that we have a good community, but with some safety issues, and that by showing our presence we are demonstrating we support our neighbourhood.

When neighbours walk and can greet each other by name, that is building a safer community!

For more information regarding Evergreen a United Neighbourhood call 626-0090, stop by the park or our office at 139 Heron Street or email evergreenaunitedneighbourhood@tbaytel.net  or check us out on Facebook

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