A Connected and Inclusive Community

This goal is about creating an inclusive community where all people are honoured, included and feel supported with access to the supports and services they need. Exclusion is a discriminatory and isolating barrier that can lead to lower social standing, lower income, reduced access to employment, and reduced connections to social supports and participation in community life.

Strategic Priority

People have access to collaborative services that are seamless, accessible, inclusive, welcoming and culturally appropriate.

  • Counselling and supports that help families and individuals manage the effects of poverty and /or underemployment
  • Short and long-term support for those affected by addictions and mental health challenges
  • Domestic violence prevention and support services
  • Supports to build safe and welcoming neighbourhoods
  • Literacy, financial literacy and financial management skills
  • Opportunities for skill development
  • Transitional services to move people from emergency shelter to safe stable housing.

Outcomes for People

  • People who need service receive service
  • People have the skills and knowledge to meet their needs and address challenges
  • People have mental well-being and thrive
  • People live a life free of addictions
  • People can care for themselves and their families
  • People are engaged in community life and feel they belong
  • People can get good jobs
  • People are financially secure
  • People have safe and affordable housing