Here is a story that demonstrates how your 2021 donations are helping people today

In the fall of 2021, 36 people experiencing homelessness were living in encampments and under bridges throughout Thunder Bay. These individuals were dealing with hunger, freezing temperatures, and unsafe conditions.

Recently, Elevate NWO shared an amazing accomplishment. They were able to support eighteen of these individuals living in encampments around Thunder Bay into their own residences. 

Crystal was one of these individuals. When Elevate NWO staff came across Crystal and the four others in their encampment, they were blue from cold. Bears had taken whatever food they had. Elevate NWO was able to help Crystal and her companions move into transitional housing. She was appointed as the “house mom” making sure everyone in the shared apartment was fed, reminded them of their appointments, ensured house rules were being followed and that the space was cleaned regularly. 

Crystal now works at Elevate NWO in the warming center and as part of the encampment outreach team. The team connects with 60 contacts a day and provides resources such as food, water, harm reduction supplies and health care. They also engage people to connect with housing and support services while providing them with access to temporary shelter and resources. 

This is one example of your dollars at work, and what can be achieved together. Your donation to the United Way of Thunder Bay is helping those living in extreme poverty receive basic resources as well as access to social supports and healthcare – moving beyond temporary support, and we thank you.