If given a choice no one would choose to come to a soup kitchen. Pride is usually left at the door and first time visitors to our soup kitchen are easily identified by their awkwardness. In September of this year, we encountered a young woman with a child in tow standing uncomfortably just inside the doorway. We welcomed her and she told us that she had fallen on hard times and we would be seeing her quite often for the next while. We explained to her that this is why we are here. That day, she chose to have 2 bag lunches and a goody bag for the little one. This food was rationed and became dinner for that evening and lunch for the next day as she had little money left for food. She continued to visit us about 4 to 5 times a week and we would try to have a little extra set aside for her to take home. In late October, she excitedly told us that she had found a job. There was a training period involved so we would still be seeing her for a little while longer until her first pay cheque. In November, she made her final visit to the Dew Drop Inn. Hugs were exchanged by all and tears were shed. The woman was overflowing with gratitude and stated over and over again that she could not have survived without the support of the Dew Drop Inn and thanked us for the dignity and respect shown to her.