Brenda* and John* have been in a relationship for 1.5 years and have a baby together. Brenda has just finished her high school credits and John quit school to find a job, he currently works three part-time jobs to make ends meet. John and Brenda called for counselling as their arguments were escalating, and John disclosed that he had to leave the home on one occasion as he was worried he was going to hit Brenda. John disclosed a history of family violence and was desperate to not repeat the cycle he knew from childhood. Brenda also lived with violence as a young child until she went to live with her aunt and uncle who then raised her. Brenda and John are facing a number of challenges; being new parents, safe housing, precarious employment, and food security, however they identified that those were things they knew they could get through as a couple, if they had the tools to do so; their main goal was staying together as a family and learning new skills to be a healthy family and not repeat the cycle of violence. Brenda and John attended the family violence counselling program and report that they are now healthier as a couple and also have the tools to raise their child in a home free of from violence.