I met Linda roughly 6 years ago when I was in grade 7. Linda helped me when I needed it most whether it was schoolwork, food, or clothing she was able and more than willing to help me out. I soon noticed that I wasn’t the only kid coming to both the Evergreen house and Park for help. No matter how spread the community was we all came together at Evergreen.

Throughout the years I’ve spent countless amounts of hours with Evergreen, and from those times I’ve come to see and appreciate Evergreen for more than what I thought it was. When I first heard of Evergreen I thought of a hangout for children, and nothing more. Now that I’ve grown, I can see this community has built our struggling community a helping hand. With more children coming for help and more people wanting to help them, Evergreen has stood as a foundation for other platforms to donate goods to go towards our youth and provide them with essentials such as food, clothing, hygiene products, and more.

Growing through these past years with Evergreen knowing how much help I’ve needed. I am grateful to Linda and Lisa the faces of Evergreen for all that they have done for me. Without their open hearts to the community, along with their compassion to help I don’t know where or who else would’ve helped me and/or who would be helping the children today if it weren’t for them. THANK YOU!!