Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Way of Thunder Bay and our community partners have mobilized to meet the needs of at-risk individuals, seniors, children and families. See below a sample of stories from local organizations that worked side by side with United Way to help our community pull through these tough times.



Roots to Harvest – $36,800

“Seniors have a unique vulnerability during the COVID crisis, and for those on fixed incomes living in housing, the need to be cautious and conserve their resources has been really important, as well as stressful. The Emergency Good Food Boxes, in partnership with the Thunder Bay Good Food Box and the Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board has pulled together three organizations to respond quickly to over 200 seniors. The funding response from the United Way of Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay Community Foundation is what made it ultimately possible to pivot and respond so quickly. When the bags come full of food into the buildings you can see and feel the relief and gratitude from all who are receiving them. We are all so grateful.”

– Erin Beagle, Executive Director Roots to Harvest



St. Andrew Soup Kitchen (Dew Drop Inn) – $19,600

“The Dew Drop Inn would not be able to adjust to takeout lunches at such a rapid pace without the generous support of the United Way. It is essential we continue to feed the hungry in Thunder Bay. With so many lives depending on us, I shudder to think what would happen if we no longer could offer our services.”

– Michael Quibell, Executive Director Dew Drop Inn



NorWest Community Health Centres – $5,000

“The funding we received supports our outreach team to help people in their residences and often at the street level. Emergency Boxes include various food items and supplies like baby formula and blankets. We also deliver clinical resources such as puffers and medications, check in on new babies and moms, and deliver harm reduction resources.”

– Michelle Kolobutin, Coordinator NorWest Community Health Centres