“Diversity Counts” is a community engagement project that the United Way of Thunder Bay will facilitate through funding from the Inspirit Foundation.  It is supported through a Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation funded Indigenous Liaison Intern.

Diversity Counts aims to build relationships among Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people and organizations, with an emphasis on youth involvement.  The emphasis of Diversity Counts is to help move the community toward the goal of “a community where diversity is valued and racism and other forms of discrimination are not accepted”.

The project will carry out meetings with individuals, organizations and groups who are working in the community to learn what is already occurring around this goal and build awareness of the project.  This initiative also hopes to work with other organizations to help establish a community round table to discuss action areas and long-term goals.

Diversity Counts will bring together youth along with adult mentors, to discuss racism and discrimination; define the “problems and issues” that exist in the community; hear the voices of those who are experiencing it; and build on the good work that is already taking place in Thunder Bay.

For more information please contact United Way of Thunder Bay at (807) 623-6420 or email@uwaytbay.ca