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United Way of Thunder Bay Announces 2nd Annual Novemburger Challenge: The Ultimate Local Burger Battle

Thunder Bay, ON, October 29th, 2020 – Novemburger is back! The Thunder Bay burger battle has 14 restaurants duking it out to create a signature burger to claim the top title in town, all in support of United Way of Thunder Bay.

Throughout the month of November, the community can visit participating restaurants to try versions of each location’s Novemburger. For each burger sold, $2 will be donated to United Way of Thunder Bay. Diners can then go online and cast their vote and rate what they ate, by selecting their favourite burger. Each restaurant will be vying for the esteemed titles of “The most Novemburgers Sold” and “Novemburger of the Year”.

“Prepare your taste buds for this month-long burger extravaganza! Novemburger is expecting burgers with all sorts of toppings, sauces and cheese,” says Albert Brulé, Chief Executive Officer of United Way of Thunder Bay. ”In this battle, everyone wins as all dollars raised supports United Way of Thunder Bay in its efforts to help local people and families who are most in need as a result of this year’s global health crisis. Last year’s inaugural event generated some sizzling competition and we can’t wait to see what’s on the menu for 2020.”

Participating locations include:
Apple Chipotle’s* Beefcake Burger Factory* Bight Restaurant & Bar Bonobos
Daytona’s* Java Hut Mario’s Bowl Neebing Roadhouse*
Prospector Burger Barn* Red Lion Smokehouse* The Eddy* The Foundry
The Sal* The Silver Birch

(* indicates that location is a Platinum Double Stack Patty Burger Location)

Looking to reclaim the crown of most burgers sold, selling a whopping 1,451 burgers in 2019, Andrew Elliot from the Prospector Burger barn explains that Novemburger is a great opportunity for local restaurants. “It’s a chance for chefs to get creative to produce a burger masterpiece, while welcoming new customers to try our menu. It’s definitely a boost for business.”

Novemburger will feature a mouthwatering burger for everyone, including a Westfort themed burger with Coney sauce and fried jalapenos, a creation with not one but two beef patties, a vegetarian option, and a traditional sandwich.

By participating in the fundraising event, diners can print their very own Novemburger Passport by visiting uwaytbay.ca. Passports are stamped at each Platinum Double Stack Patty Burger* location for the opportunity to win a $25 gift certificate from all eight locations.

Last year, 3,901 Novemburgers were sold by participating restaurants, with over $12,900 contributed to United Way of Thunder Bay. For every $1300 raised through the Novemburger campaign, 120 meals can be provided for four weeks through a local community kitchen.

Let the burger battle begin! Ready, set, eat. Novemburger officially begins November 1st.