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GenNext Member Profile -Alyssa Craig, GenNext Cabinet Member

Alyssa Craig joined the GenNext Cabinet in April 2018, and is approaching her first year anniversary with us!

Alyssa joined after volunteering with some of the opportunities that GenNext provides for the community. She had heard really great feedback from people she knew who were involved, and decided that she would find out more about the work that GenNext does. Alyssa joined GenNext to be involved in a positive, large-scale movement in the community – improving the quality of life for people living in Thunder Bay.

Currently, Alyssa works for Allstate Thunder Bay as a Business Development Agent. In her role, she works with individuals in North Western Ontario with quoting and selling personal lines of insurance.

She would describe herself as someone being ‘sporadic with her volunteer experience’; she has volunteered for many organizations in town for events, and fundraisers, but GenNext is her first held position. Alyssa is confident that the work she does with GenNext will lead to other amazing opportunities which will positively impact our community.

A few fun facts about Alyssa is that she was born and raised in Thunder Bay, she is a ‘gamer’, angler, hunter, and she is constantly educating herself. Currently, she is working on obtaining her CIP. She has travelled many places around the world including Santiago, and Chile where she spent a period of time studying Spanish and Culture at INACAP University. Alyssa also loves to attend many sporting events, concerts and music festivals throughout the year!

We love Alyssa’s adventurous spirit and eagerness to help others. GenNext is happy to have her as a part of our team!